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SPACE(Canadian channel for my fellow Americans) is making a Primeval spin-off titled Primeval: New World. It entered production recently, so everyone in the news/blogs is picking it up.

IDK how I feel about this. On one hand, Niall Matter(!) and Sarah Canning in a Canadian version of Primeval. On the other hand, a spin-off of Primeval that isn't likely to mention the original. It could be worse: they could be out-and-out calling it a remake.
I guess I'll be giving it a go when it hits the air. If only to see Niall on my screen after Eureka(which I'm still not over, BTW).

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I saw the info about that a few months ago. I might give it a look. If it just goes along with the universe of Primeval and doesn't try to act like a remake of the UK one, I'd be more apt to watch every week.

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they've said that it is likely to mention the original, and there was something, somewhen about possible cameos or original cast members popping up. It's being done by Adrian Hodges so I can't imagine it would get completely ignored. It's not going to be like Being Human US where you guys took our show, remade the episodes in a crappy way and then called it 'original drama'...

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I try =]

And now you're going to ruin Sherlock. Doing a good job ruining our TV ;D

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If there is a chance of a Jess and Becker cameo where they confess their love for another then I'm there, LOL

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Being Canadian and knowing firsthand the general quality of Canadian programming, I don't have super high hopes for it. (Although one of our broadcasters had a hand in the first season of DW, so maybe I am just being cynical.) However, I'm totally going to watch it, even if I only last an episode or two, soooo....

But I really don't think it'll have the same charm (because shows about dinosaurs are charming? WHAT IDK) without all the adorable people and their accents.

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I heard about this this morning. And now you're telling me Niall is going to be on it? AJKSJHDKJFHSDJHD
I never followed the UK version faithfully. An ep here and there and I liked it, but never totally got into it. I hate remakes for US tv when the original is so good, so I should hate the premise of this, but.. NIALL!!!

And ditto on Eureka. Idiots.