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a girl who knew how to be happy even when sad ([personal profile] majorshipper) wrote2012-03-03 07:04 pm

Holy bat, man.

There's a bat in our church sanctuary. Considering it's a basketball gym that hasn't exactly been converted(we hang lights off the basketball backboards), that's not terribly surprising. We've had them before. But it's still a little weird/funny/surprising to see one suddenly decide to make his presence known in the middle of service by flying around like crazy.

I want to name him.

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I dub him "Sir Batalot" =]

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Sir Batalot and Lady Baterlee =]]

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That is most awesome. It's always good when governments that it into consideration, doesn't happen often!


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Dont' get me wrong, they can be incredibly useful. Other times, though, they can be douches.

I approve too!


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Natalie held a Katie-vention this morning... I'm not allowed anything to do with Katie until I get it done. o.O

Or at least, not as much as I had before until it ges done, then I get as much Katie as I want XDD

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*sigh* it's true. =[
I miss her fabulous face.

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I r working! I'm in an all-nighter mode i think. So i'm jut going to keep on going until I can go no more!

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It's only 4:15... but I'm not alone. Matt's sister is with me XD

Oooh, yes, aren't you babysitting ALLLLL day? Good luck with it! <3

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I'm terrible at all things children. It's a good plan.

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I'm a fan of the imaginary games but that's about it.

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Also lol. Totally thought you were talking about a baseball bat at first, and then went "wait, what now?" when it started flying aroundXD