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le update

First of all, oh my gosh, the sheer outpouring of love last time was You guys ♥ I don't even know how to explain how good it made me feel. Really good is just the tip if the iceberg.

I'd hoped to be back by the weekend, but, um, well, The Hunger Games kinda screwed that all up for me. We went and saw it on Friday because I'm impatient and I hate to wait, and, well, I may have kinda sorta fallen in love with it. Which would explain why I saw it again Saturday and then spent literally all of Sunday evening/night/morning reading the trilogy(apparently sunrises ARE pretty when you're sleep deprived...XD). *facepalm*
(I liked it, ftmp, in case anyone is wondering. I have lots of ~thoughts~ about the books(and the movie), but I'll save those for another day)

Anyways, the point of this post is basically to say that a) I'm doing better. I won't say magically much better, but better. It's an upswing I hope I can hold onto. And b) I'm not sure when I'll be back. Don't worry too much; I'm better, but I really feel like I need to take a break and really straighten some stuff out before I jump back in again.

*massive hugs* So, I'll see y'all when I see you. :)

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Take your time, love. <3

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I missed the old post, but I checked it out and (hug). I'm glad to hear you're doing better, and take your time.

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*snuggles* Yay upswing! :D <3

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*more hugs*

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Glad you're doing a bit better hun :) Hope you can hold on to that feeling :)

Hehe glad you enjoyed The Hunger Games so much too :D and you're even ahead of me now XD

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Glad you are feeling better!

OMG I saw The Hunger Games last night! AND OMG I LOVE IT!!! I now must rush and finish the last book! So dying to hear your thoughts on it!