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a girl who knew how to be happy even when sad ([personal profile] majorshipper) wrote2012-04-23 06:12 pm

this post is a ninja

For my own reference;

[ profile] 20inspirations; due May 5th (Sherlock S2 B+W)

[ profile] sncross_bigbang; two pieces minimum, draft due by May 25th, final by posting date
[ profile] stargate_summer; one fanmix, draft due by June 20th, final due by posting date (July 9th)

[ profile] scifibigbang; one piece minimum, claiming on July 1st, due by August 15th

[ profile] het_bigbang; may/may not sign up for

oh god what happened to cutting down on fandom I fail

How are you guys? What's been going on around here lately? ♥ My life's been pretty crazy, which accounts for me being pretty AWOL around here. I still try to frequent my baby, [ profile] spn_party, but there's only so many hours in the day. Right now, I'm stressing about testing this week, finals coming soon, and taking a plane trig class and getting a job over the summer. On the positive front, I needed a good guilty pleasure to laugh at, so I started The Vampire Diaries. Don't judge, pretty people are funny when they ~angst~. It's nice and light and cutesy and way funnier than actual comedy. So, yeah. Not too much going on, though.

Oh, and I changed my layout, [ profile] sgmajorshipper, and got a new default. I like my R2D2 icon, but this one's so pretty...idk, I might go back. Still trying to decide that.

Last edit! Promise. Made some new friends, so welcome, guys. Like you know, I'm usually actually active. I'm just going through lots of RL stuff right now, so I'm on hiatus, pretty much.

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