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dare to believe in the unbelievable

Friending // Selectively Friending // Not Friending (I'm not looking for new friends now)

I post irregularly. Some of it is locked, some of it isn't. Memes and fandom-related stuff is usually unlocked. Personal stuff and controversial opinions are locked. It should go without saying that what happens under a flock stays under a flock. I won't recommend or repost or link to something I haven't researched or read myself. I do sometimes post topics to discuss with my flist, which you can certainly join in on if you like. If you'd like me to friend you back, drop me a comment letting me know who you are/how we met. My flist is pretty big(bigger than I ever thought it would get O.O), so I'm only looking to add back people who share very similar interests and/or I've interacted with quite a bit before.

It's nothing personal, but if I added everyone who added me, I'd end up swamped. If you don't comment, I'll assume you're just here to lurk, which I guess is okay.

I don't write ranty stuff, at least not about TV. Occasionally something will slip, but I make a point to just not talk a lot about something if I'm that annoyed/irritated by it. I'm cheerful and stupidly bubbly by nature, so hate and wank makes me sad. I don't talk about if I didn't like it: I let my actions speak for themselves(i.e. not watching). So you won't find ranty episode/show reviews around these parts. Fair warning. And if that's all you write, that's fine. More power to you. But I won't be reading them. I prefer to keep things positive.

If you have questions related to [ profile] spn_party, please use the Page-A-Mod post there rather than contacting me via this journal. If you'd like to contact me about one of the OTHER communities I maintain, please PM me.

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