Jan. 3rd, 2012

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Look what I found on Spotify today! I already own 99% of the songs on the album, but it's awesome looking at it, knowing, hey, these are the songs I grew up with and love. There's no Michael W. Smith, and I'm sad that "Live Out Loud" isn't on there, but I guess repeating an artist(even one who changed CCM and managed to be popular for almost three decades) is a bad idea. There's no Hillsong, but I guess they're...IDK, I don't know why the wouldn't be on it, lol. Hillsong is kinda the definitive praise band.
A large portion of blame for this post goes to [livejournal.com profile] morelenmir who got me listening to "Dive" on a loop.

Songs That Changed the Church - CCM

1. Dive - Stephen Curtis Chapman
2. Shine - Newsboys (lol, this was one of my favorite songs when I was younger; the Newsboys were the it band after DC Talk, I guess. I'm surprised "I Am Free" isn't on here...)
3. Jesus Freak - DC Talk (speaking of DC Talk...)
4. Beautiful, Scandalous Night - Robbie Seay Band
5. Big House - Audio Adrenaline (No lie, I cried when they disbanded)
6. God of Wonders - Rebecca St. James
7. Indescribable - Chris Tomlin
8. You Put This Love In My Heart - Keith Green
9. I Can Only Imagine - Rita Springer (and another of my favorites...though I don't know why it's Rita Springer instead of MercyMe?)
10. Step By Step - Kim Hill
11. Thy Word - Amy Grant
12. Friends - Daniel Doss Band
13. Testify to Love - Avalon

I realize only maybe three people on my flist may care, but I thought it was awesome. I want to check out the "Songs that Changed The Church - Hymns" because I'm in love with classic hymns. :D

In other news, this;


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