Feb. 28th, 2012

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Introducing [profile] spn_rpf_het -- a new comm for both FPF and RPF het fiction in the SPN fandom. To celebrate our creation, we're hosting a prompting meme! So bring us all your fabulous prompts and fills.

We welcome het fiction in all its forms! Including:

  • Relationships, friendships, sexytimes, familial and adversarial
  • Stories that feature multi-gendered threesomes and moresomes
  • Stories that feature mixes of het, slash and femslash (ie, multiple couples)
  • Genderswap and always-a-(gender) stories
  • SPN FPF, RPF, and mixtures of the two!

So please come by and check us out!


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Well, I am impressed, show. That was an amazing finale. Seriously. You always managed to pull these amazing endings out and I'm pretty blown away.

Spoilers under the cut )

Sorry for the double-posting tonight, guys. I honestly didn't anticipate WC being this awesome. Now I need to go get some icons...


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