Feb. 14th, 2012 06:16 pm
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Thank you so much to everyone who sent me a glass heart: [personal profile] jess_being_me, [personal profile] mustbethursday(Don't worry about it, bb ♥), [personal profile] mydoctortennant, [personal profile] donna_c_punk, [livejournal.com profile] lunasky3, [livejournal.com profile] ohmiya_sg, and [livejournal.com profile] locknkey.
Seriously, guys. ♥♥♥♥♥ Y'all have no idea how much it meant to find seven of these on my profile. *squishes everyone*

To everyone, Happy Valentine's Day! The best is yet to come; for the next three weeks, you can get all kinds of awesome stuff on sale. ;)
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On the 1st, I will be getting my first haircut in over two years...and my first hair-cut where I got rid of this length since I was a pre-teen.
This is slightly terrifying. But also exciting. I know, don't ask me to pick one. I've decide that this pic of Hannah is what I'm going to be taking for her to check up. And I need to fill out the Locks For Love form, but I'm pretty much just stuck waiting 'till then.

Finally am listening to Ceremonials, and it is glorious, because, hello, it is F+TM. And I am THIS CLOSE to finishing Psych, after delaying for so long. NGL, it's so I can get onto Castle, which is now waiting longingly for my attention. \o/



Jan. 19th, 2012 09:33 pm
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As much as I detest anyone taking down sites, be it the government or hackers or anyone(seriously. Nobody has that right, I don't care if it's retaliation or "deserved"), I do think there's a kind of sweet irony to the whole situation.

Basically, I cannot wait to see what's gonna come out of this when the dust settles. It's been a very, very interesting couple of days. I mean, seriously, all this stuff just happens to come up together at the same time? I think not. I'm very interested to see how it will play out (hopefully in our favor!).

ETA: I have to add this; snagged from my friend [profile] kat_rowe;
from: http://vendemiaire.tumblr.com/post/16133135979

the world: hey man we've got some really serious problems like global warming and mass economic failure and riots and genocide and aids and cancer and your healthcare system is shit so maybe we should get to work
us government: sit down i have to stop people from sharing things online

In unrelated news, my computer will not connect to the internet for the life of it(which I know, because I threatened it's life). Which means I can't work on the project DUE TOMORROW. ACH. I JUST. CANNOT. FREAKING OUT OVER HERE. I'm currently on Mum's lappy, but it can't do half the things my computer is all tricked out for, and I'm not-so-quitely crying about it. So much to do, and my time is dwindling faster than I'd ever like.
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If you haven't already heard about SOPA/PIPA, then I really think you should check it out. Seriously. It's a massive set of legislature that in a nutshell gives big companies the right to control what websites exist and what you can see. The program's censorship level is comparable to China and Iran's systems. Many, many, many people are against it, because they recognize the threat to free speech it represents. In two weeks it goes to vote.
On January 18th, many websites are going to be going dark to protest this bill. You can petition various sites here. You can find out more, petition your senators/representatives, and get generally enraged at the situation here

It's a very big deal; if it goes through, life on the internet as we know it will change.

This break in your regular fangirl has been brought to you by important shit. On to the scheduled programming;

Supernatural tonight! *bounces* Yes, this is exciting. I might be able to watch it on TV! Not sure, since it depends on if I can convince the 'rents to go to bed instead of watching NCIS, which, of course, will be difficult, but, eh, who knows. We shall see! I'm going to try bribery with pizza and breadsticks.

Also, apparently The Chew has become my newest love. Me and mum watch it every day practically. I can't help it. They had Hugh Jackman and then Bobby Flay.

(Hi new friends! Usually I'm a lot less serious, unless I get really riled up. But, yeah. Welcome to the insanity!)
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So I was just scrolling through my flist when [livejournal.com profile] missyjack linked to this post by [livejournal.com profile] hells_half_acre about Irene Adler and why fandom has ~feelings~ about her. The title is Women, Sex, And Power - A Rant, so know that's what you're getting into. But it's still a fantastic look at Irene in BBC's Sherlock.

I got into a very, very interesting discussion with [livejournal.com profile] hells_half_acre in the comments of that entry, and it directed me to these posts of hers, on the subject of Love (and Slash). Both are very, very interesting reads for anyone who gets slash, doesn't get slash, likes slash, likes gen, likes SPN, doesn't like SPN, loves Sherlock, doesn't care about Sherlock...etc. Everyone. She makes some very interesting observations on society's perception of sexuality in relationships.

The points brought up at first glace seem almost asexual to most people's(mainly misguided) perceptions, but that's just an overreaction to the fact that everything in today's society is so hyper-sexualized, and so something without that sex is seen as oddly lacking in sex(even when it was never supposed to have sex in the first place, hence the perceived asexuality). The original three articles are all short and to-the-point and very well enunciated. So what are you still doing reading my measly words? gogogogogo!
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Someone gifted my 6 months of paid time over here, and I plan on putting it to very good use. I also figured I'd make it clear for everyone on my flist who crossposts; if there's a post on DW, that's where I'm commenting/interacting. It's just easier for me, since I read my DW list first and go through it first nowadays.

Sherlock was amazing, my gosh. I'm sure everyone who's seen it knows, and to everyone who hasn't...why haven't you? It's one of the best, smartest shows out there!
Now I have to wait to find a copy I can cap...:D

Also, forwarding this on, since [personal profile] donna_c_punk posted it on hers. A Study in Motherfucking Scarlet. Because it's a hilarious reworking of the first book.
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Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all had fantastic days! My flist is full of Christmas wishes so I'll keep it short; you guys are all awesome, and I couldn't ask for a better group of friends to have. ♥
Christmas went...as well as could be. Pretty good for our family, of which I'm very proud. What does it say about me that I woke up and thought "Oh, hey, Doctor Who day!"

But the real reason for this post! Dreamwidth is officially about to release Community Imports. For those who don't know, Dreamwidth allows you to back up/copy/import everything from your individual LJ account into a new Dreamwidth one. Before now, there was no way if you wanted to move your comm to the safety of DW, because they hadn't developed a system to do so. But, apparently one of their lead developers has been working on it, and they've decided to announce it this week as a sort of Merry Christmas. It won't officially be released for another week or so, but, still, it's exciting! This could really, really change the landscape around here, if comms get transferred over. I think it should be, of course, something like a vote or such for the comms with a large userbase, but, still. It could pave the way for fandom to jump ships. *shrugs* And that makes me happy because DW is sorta like the land flowing with milk and honey and shiny new features.

It's very, very interesting. I got very excited when I saw the news update last night. To be honest, I hope fandom starts transitioning. I don't want it all gone, because LJ does have lots of benefits, but, I'd like to see DW actually give it some competition. That would be amazing, because that might drive LJ to listen to the users, maybe.

(For other DW users, there's even more cool features they announced re: comments AND TAG MERGE OMG DW YOU CAN HAVE MY SOUL HERE TAKE IT and the staff actually answer and explain stuff and just in general...I'd totally recommend reading the whole update!)

Anyways. Wanted to share the news, for those who don't have DW or weren't paying a ton of attention. :)
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The internet can at the very least try and fix things. For those who are interested, there's a stylish script that tries to help clean up the gradients and stuff for the new LJ, if anyone's interested (it's not perfect, but I like the way it works, so I'm using it on top of the rest of my LJ scripts);

I also highly recommend this other script, because it's pretty awesome for LJ.;

And if you don't have stylish, I am judging you, it's an awesome FF(and Chrome!) add-on that lets you customize any page with CSS and HTML. Works really nice with LJ, YT, Tumblr, FB(which I don't use, but I guess some do), and Google. And there are lots that can help darkify your browser, which is useful if you're like me and you do a lot of browsing when the light's not the best.


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It seems like all the shows are trying to make everyone sad for the holidays. Yay. *sobs* Seriously, though. I don't cry at TV, really, no matter how I dramatize doing so. I can count on one hand the number of TV episodes I've cried over. And this SPN episode mad the list.
My heart.

In a much more important note, check this out! AWARENESS, YESSSS!
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Guys, we've got ~75 hours 'till GISHWHES is over. I can't believe it. (You can watch the countdown anxiously over here)

In other news, we're home, hopefully for a long while now. Thanks to everyone for the support <3

Now I have websites to go build...
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I was looking at it earlier, and now I'm considering downloading and installing it. I've read quite a bit on the site itself, but I still feel like I don't know much about it. So, are there any peeps on my flist who have/do use it? What are the pros vs. cons? Is it worth it?

(Hi guys! How are you? <3 I'm not dead \o/ Unlike LJ's been, the past few days...:/)


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