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Misha, you act all tough, but you're really a sweet person on the inside. Remember how originally one team from GISHWHES was gonna get to go to Rome? Well, now it's up to three individuals and a team. I'm not going(at least, I don't know), but it still makes me happy inside for some reason. The whole stupid thing has, actually.

I only regret that I've got no money left to buy a fantastic-looking(oh, who am I kidding...a ridiculous looking) GISHWHES shirt. Why does the universe do this to me?
(for anyone who hasn't yet seen it, the schwag shwop;
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Oh, Misha. Once again doing stuff nobody really anticipates. Maybe you need to get a job? IDLE HANDS AND ALL THAT. never stop

TBH, I'm way more interested in the actual Misha part of the picture than the picture of Misha on the horse. Seriously, someone should not look that good wearing that many layers of black.
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LOL. On one hand, excite. On the other, damn it, they better not screw this up any more than I know is gonna happen. And I say that as someone who wasn't super thrilled but was content with the previous arrangement for this season so far.

(for those on my flist who are avoiding SPN spoilers for unaired episodes, don't go into the comments, because there will be some)


In better news, I went back to Science Club this week! Dad caved, as I had hoped he would, and set down some ridic rules that shouldn't be to hard to follow.
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GISHWHES is official over. And I think I can safely say; Damn, that was intense. But also fun and also amazing. It didn't go according to anyone's plan, but it was a wild ride. I can't wait for next year!

As a bonus; who follows Misha and saw the tweet about the runaway Christmas tree? GISHWHES sorta indirectly-ish made the news! Any of my flist-ers teams try that one? How did it go?
I also wonder if the youtube video of them doing it counts, or if Misha's gonna be mean this time?

ETA: Wow, for those who don't have paid accounts, are the ads always Mine expired last night, but I've managed to threaten/coerce/beg people into renewing it in the past, so it's been a while since I was without. Also omg, my icons, they are gone *dies*
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Eleven hours left.

I've done all the things I claimed right off the bat, now I'm gonna go in and see if there's anything I can complete in the next few hours. *bites nails*
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Guys, we've got ~75 hours 'till GISHWHES is over. I can't believe it. (You can watch the countdown anxiously over here)

In other news, we're home, hopefully for a long while now. Thanks to everyone for the support <3

Now I have websites to go build...


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