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Your poker face ain't fooling nobody, nobody here
We've all felt the flame and shed those same tears
Driving home to a one man hell, still counting years, still counting years
Hey brother we're all learning to love again

Making up your bed that day on a foreign floor between foreign walls
Thinking 'bout the words you'd say to a phone that never calls
Feel the weight of your father's ring and all those dreams, and all those dreams
Hey brother, we're all learning to love again

PERFECT DEAN'N'SAM SONG Y/Y? I was just listening to my shuffle the other day, and the first lines caught my ear, and so I listened it out, and now I can't not see it that way. Anyone else?
If [ profile] lockedinabathroom made a video to it I think I would die happy. Hell, if anyone did. *hinthint*


Jan. 19th, 2012 09:33 pm
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As much as I detest anyone taking down sites, be it the government or hackers or anyone(seriously. Nobody has that right, I don't care if it's retaliation or "deserved"), I do think there's a kind of sweet irony to the whole situation.

Basically, I cannot wait to see what's gonna come out of this when the dust settles. It's been a very, very interesting couple of days. I mean, seriously, all this stuff just happens to come up together at the same time? I think not. I'm very interested to see how it will play out (hopefully in our favor!).

ETA: I have to add this; snagged from my friend [profile] kat_rowe;

the world: hey man we've got some really serious problems like global warming and mass economic failure and riots and genocide and aids and cancer and your healthcare system is shit so maybe we should get to work
us government: sit down i have to stop people from sharing things online

In unrelated news, my computer will not connect to the internet for the life of it(which I know, because I threatened it's life). Which means I can't work on the project DUE TOMORROW. ACH. I JUST. CANNOT. FREAKING OUT OVER HERE. I'm currently on Mum's lappy, but it can't do half the things my computer is all tricked out for, and I'm not-so-quitely crying about it. So much to do, and my time is dwindling faster than I'd ever like.
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Megaupload is gone. Federal prosecutors have officially shut down the site, on charges of violating piracy laws.

Yeah. Take a moment. Let it sink in. Personally, it pisses me off because I use it for a hell of a lot, and I actually had stuff (nothing too important, but still) that I had uploaded there and nowhere else that honestly was not copywritten material.

And then take a moment to realize this is what's gonna happen to a hell of a lot of sites in the future, with even less legitimate reasons for the shut-downs, if SOPA/PIPA pass. I'm sure everyone's been deluged with stuff in the past couple of days, but seriously it's a big deal. One of the biggest upload/download sites in existence is gone, completely. Anything you had on it is gone. While the shutdown of MU isn't from the bills, it's a good example of a massive website being shut down with no warning and because of "piracy"(in this case, it's pretty safe to say that there's a lot of pirated stuff on MU, but, I for one know there's a lot of legit stuff there too).
For more info on SOPA and PIPA, you can go here;
(I find it pretty hilarious that this is practically as big a deal as Wikipedia blacking out, and it's a protest/awareness thing that we didn't even do anything about...)



Jan. 15th, 2012 04:30 pm
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Sherlock has literally left me making unintelligible noises. I can't tell if it's from the sore throat that makes it painful to actually speak, or if it was just that...amazing, but I think I'm certainly leaning towards the latter with a dash of the former.

Yes, it is mind-blowing. And I will spoil no further. But you should watch it as soon as you can, and, of course, bring tissues. Even I teared up and got to whimpering.

It reminds me of a quote from Den of Geek that I saw on tumblr, explaining why Martin choose Sherlock over The Hobbit, and why Peter Jackson still wanted him no matter what.

(completely unrelated, but I feel that damn urge from S1 starting up again; I need to ship Sherlock/Molly, apparently)
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So I was just scrolling through my flist when [ profile] missyjack linked to this post by [ profile] hells_half_acre about Irene Adler and why fandom has ~feelings~ about her. The title is Women, Sex, And Power - A Rant, so know that's what you're getting into. But it's still a fantastic look at Irene in BBC's Sherlock.

I got into a very, very interesting discussion with [ profile] hells_half_acre in the comments of that entry, and it directed me to these posts of hers, on the subject of Love (and Slash). Both are very, very interesting reads for anyone who gets slash, doesn't get slash, likes slash, likes gen, likes SPN, doesn't like SPN, loves Sherlock, doesn't care about Sherlock...etc. Everyone. She makes some very interesting observations on society's perception of sexuality in relationships.

The points brought up at first glace seem almost asexual to most people's(mainly misguided) perceptions, but that's just an overreaction to the fact that everything in today's society is so hyper-sexualized, and so something without that sex is seen as oddly lacking in sex(even when it was never supposed to have sex in the first place, hence the perceived asexuality). The original three articles are all short and to-the-point and very well enunciated. So what are you still doing reading my measly words? gogogogogo!


Dec. 21st, 2011 10:42 pm
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Because I'm a horrible angst/pain/woe-they-are-broken lover(hell, I wouldn't be watching SPN if I didn't I guess?), I actually check out the tags for such at [community profile] spnstoryfinders. And somehow I stumbled across the Suite!verse by leonidaslion. Holy shit, that stuff is fucking brutal. I really need to stop getting so attached to fictional characters in a very fictional world, because that hurts. Literally.

Seriously, if you haven't read it...don't. Because it's written perfectly and the characters are still themselves at the core and the story is twisty and intriguing and it pulls you in and never lets you go...but unless you like everything broken for long periods of time, a completely evil Sam who has no qualms doing whatever he likes, a broken and pretty near-unrecognizable Dean, a world that's been fucked to hell, explicitness(in every way you'd imagine), and buckets of general hard-core angst, avoid it.

If you have read it...commiserate with me? It doesn't help that I mainlined 200k of it in two days and then went back for the rest. Dear lord, I can be crazy sometimes.

As a consolation, feed me happy fluffity marshmellows of happiness? I'm gonna go watch the copy of Elf my brother recorded for me in an attempt to feel better.

In other news, I'm fiddling with DW and seeing if I can get the icons to sync up even a little bit. Fingers crossed.

Oh! Mission Impossible. In short, it was awesome. In long, it was pretty damn awesome. It wasn't as gory as he last one, but it didn't lose any of the action for it. The plot wasn't incredibly complicated, it just had a lot of points to it, which I like in a good action movie. They did a good job with the grooming Jeremy Renner bit too, as Tom Cruise is finally showing his age and Ethan Hunt is finally feeling pretty friggin world-weary. His character got backstory and motive and it was pretty good. Brad Bird did an amazing job with the directing, and I expected no less from him. It was clearly his own style, and I liked that.
Basically, go, see it. Jane's character has a few issues to deal with, but, in the end, to me, that's par for the course. I'd say this one's the best since the original; possibly even better than that. The mission actually felt impossible for the first time since the first movie, that's for sure.

I guess I should go and work on my erasure and maybe some of my HAS, shit. Looks like my enter key isn't working. UGH.
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You know that feeling when you're pushing and pushing to get through with something so you can get to the break...and then you realize you're just going to have to work and push through the break too?
Yeah, I'm at that point. Looking at my to-do list and how much of it has to be done before Christmas and NY and I'm kinda just reeling. I want to curl up in a corner and watch ridiculous movies and eat popcorn and candy canes for the rest of the year.
Egh. Life. Why you so...full?

In other news, thanks everyone for the well wishes for the benefit! It was good...not as well as we had hoped, and a lot of stuff in the auction went for a lot lower than we'd hoped, but, at least it was something. Trying to divy up what goes where is hard, though, since it's not enough to pay off all of one thing. Just one thing at a time, pretty much, just like always.

Me and the brother finally sat through and watched X-Men: First Class all the way through, finally. I've only got one remarks; yeah, tumblr was totally right, because it's basically one big gay epic Greek tragedy. Everything was sadness by the end. And Charles was kinda unrealistic and an idiot, but I won't get into that too much. Basically, it was good, but, pretty much only on the same level as the other X-Men movies. Certainly not comparable to the rest of the Marvel crop from recently.

Also, posted my [ profile] sassy_minibang artwork! The author's gonna put up the main post to the site later(speaking of which, y'all should totally go check out the stories they've gotten. I've only had time to read, like, four of the fics, but they were fantastic), but I won't be around 'till tomorrow afternoon late, so I put mine up tonight. It's over here, for anyone interested!

I've also been working on a 2014 Dean/Cas mix., which has been a...difficult process, as anyone who's been around me during [ profile] ontd_spnparty's FFAs can attest to my whining about it. But it's done! And now I have to wait to post it to avoid spamming my comm. But, I figured, hey, I've got people on my flist who'd probably be interested in a peek at it, so here's the covers, if you like;
under a cut because woah, they're pretty big )

ETA: Woah, LJ. Makeover much? First reaction; I DON'T LIKE ITTT GO BAAAACKK. As soon as there's a Stylish fix for it, I'm probably going back.

ETA2: Now I'm gonna go curl up with my printed up fic and work on my piece for [ profile] erasureathon.

ETA3 aka last one I swear: They did fix the tags page! It's not, like, two inches wide anymore!
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It seems like all the shows are trying to make everyone sad for the holidays. Yay. *sobs* Seriously, though. I don't cry at TV, really, no matter how I dramatize doing so. I can count on one hand the number of TV episodes I've cried over. And this SPN episode mad the list.
My heart.

In a much more important note, check this out! AWARENESS, YESSSS!


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