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And if so, are you aware of Darcy/Clint fic? This is a long shot in the big dark night, but, hey, I figured I'd ask. Somehow I stumbled into [personal profile] smittywing's awesome Not Your Mother's Alma Mater WIP(I KNOW WHAT AM I DOING I JUST WHAAAAAAT WHY ALL THE WIPS) and I want to read more of them, because, apparently, they hit my nerdy girl/sweet guy love just right. Vaguely they remind me of Chuck/Becky and maybe Elizabeth/Rodney, though their dynamic was reverse.

Apparently this also cements the fact that I still like het. And I still like het exclusively sometimes, because while I can appreciate some of the Tony/Steve stuff, slash in this particular verse isn't my cuppa. Give me Tony/Pepper, Thor/Jane, Steve/Peggy and now apparently Darcy/Clint (ngl Natasha/Clint sounds good too). So I've still got my het-cred, apparently.

ANYWAYS. People into or even aware of Marvel's movie-verse; recs, comms, places to find more het fic? Hit me!

(also I really want to install my Alec moodtheme on LJ, but...I really, really like my A/G one, too, even if it hasn't been updated in years...just, staring at young!Jensen every time I post is really nice XD)
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Inexorable Gravity by [ profile] lexicale
NC-17: Canon-AU, Dean/Jo/Sam(though, I'd say it's more of an R than NC-17)
Dean grew up looking after Sam and Jo. Jo may not be related to him, but she's still kind of his little sister, and he's not sure what's worse: that he's attracted to her anyways, or that he's attracted to Sam.

ALL THE HEARTS IN MY EYES FOR A RATIONAL, IN-DEPTH EXPLORATION OF THIS PAIRING OMG. It starts out Dean/Jo, admittedly, but it's the three of them, undeniably in love with each other and undeniably themselves, that makes it so fantastic. It's AU in that the Winchesters actually grow up with the Harvelles and they stay in contact even through Bill's untimely demise, but it utilizes canon incredibly effectively, and still gives you the characters as they should be, with believable changes brought on by their different lives. Dean is especially awesome. ♥

Goooo, read it. Be amazed. Wish there was more of this kind of fic in fandom. *shoos*


Jan. 25th, 2012 06:22 pm
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I want to write meta on Shawn's relationships and why he's the way he is with Juliet and all his relationships in general.
My brain. Why. All the metaness.


Dec. 22nd, 2011 01:54 am
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So, got up off my rear and watched Elf. So many hearts in my eyes. I think I know why everyone loves it so much. It' just so...squishable! Squishy! /wanders into Nemo
Also, apparently [personal profile] lunasky3 and I have determined there needs to be an SPN/Elf fusion with Cas as Buddy and Heaven as the North Pole.

Stargate's on TV now, and oh, S1 SGA, I have missed you muchly. Remember when Teyla was kickass and had long pink hair and fought a Wraith with nothing but a giant stick?
Yeah. You may have lost it amongst the later seasons.

Which reminds me of something I realized a long time ago. I think I've figured out why John/Elizabeth was always more popular in (the het side of) fandom than anything else, by miles. It's pretty much known by everyone that you automatically pick out your two favorite characters and start shipping them. That's kinda the way fans work. I always wondered why Sparky had such a large part of fandom, while the number of people who frequented the Jeyla thread were few but loyal. Admittedly, I didn't really start participating in fandom 'till the show was in the third season, so I don't know how it was in the beginning, before Elizabeth became a saint (which takes me on another tangent; why was it that everyone seemed to either love Elizabeth and hate Teyla or love Teyla and hate Elizabeth? I always thought they were both awesome and kickass in their own ways...). But when I was in fandom, I always got the feeling that Teyla was the least-favorite regular character in the show. I can forgive them for thinking that with the sad writing she got later on, but in the beginning, she was awesome. Anyways, the point is, I always thought that Elizabeth was miles more popular than Teyla, which is why the more canon ship(John/Teyla) was less popular than the kinda unrealistic(from a canon fulfillment point of view) ship(John/Elizabeth). I won't get into fandom's reasons for not liking Teyla, though I can guess at them (in a fandom compromised of largely slashers, Teyla was the main female threat to the OTP...Teyla was a kickass(physically in addition to mentally) strong get the picture. Why are women so hated in SPN?).
I don't know. For the, like, three of you who have any familiarity with SGA fandom, what were/are your thoughts?

In the interest of full disclosure, I've always been a John/Teyla shipper. Never genuinely got John/Elizabeth, to be honest. John/Teyla was the only thing that ever made sense in canon and out of it. *shrugs*

Also, this kinda turned into a rantish thing. Why does everything turn into that?
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So, I did my first big bang this year. I kinda stepped in slowly, doing JUST artwork, but omg, it was amazing. I'm totally doing this again!

Anyways! Today's the official reveal day, and the site's officially up! Go, go, go, check it out!

HERE is the website, here's my artwork for an Amy/Rory story that unfortunately hasn't been finished, and here's the awesome Sam/Jack(SG-1) story I beta'd!

*spins* It's all very exciting! Even if it means pretty much all my free time is now gonna go into reading these awesomely massive epics...
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Are you fed up with the lack of Becker and/or Jess making a move on the other? Me too! So here I propose a Drabble Tag. Prompt anything and everything that involves our two lovely kids be it romantic, heroic or sheer, unadulterated fluff!

at [ profile] hurricanepixie
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'Cause this never, ever gets old ♥

Nine ships you are into right now
1. Doctor/Rose
2. Arthur/Gwen
3. Alice/Hatter
4. Henry/Kate
5. Sam/Jack
6. Mike/Fi
7. Booth/Brennan
8. John/Aeryn
9. Amy/Rory

Four ships you don't really like

10. John/Elizabeth
11. Arthur/Morgana
12. Ronon/Teyla
13. Will/Kate

Questions under here ){


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