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This bit may mean nothing to most people, but it's very exciting for me. In my HAS program(Aerospace Engineering), we had a few projects these past couple weeks, and wow, they were so cool. The first one was a paper on specific careers available in the Aerospace sector. But that alone wasn't the cool part, though it did have lots of analysis, which I loved. The best part was that we had to research and write it all out in APA format. I guess some people hate stuff like that, but I love technically efficient ways of writing things, and I love that specific format. If I become a technical writer(which is something I've looked at doing as a back-up or secondary choice), I'll probably enjoy it so much.
The second thing that got me exited was a forum discussion we had to do regarding ethics. It was basically us being presented with a situation and told to figure out what to do, using the NSPE Code of Ethics for Engineers as guidelines. There wasn't a word-limit, but I think I may cause them to implement one. :P It was really fun to be able analyze a situation and consider various different sides of the argument that may or may not have been backed up by the Code. My brain was having a spazzy moment, and I just let it. That was nice.

So, basically, control-freak me loves analyzing stuff, technical and exacting stuff, and ALL THE DETAILS. That's not actually surprising in any way.

Ugh, I can't wait for my college classes to start up, though. We're not back 'till the 17th, which is nice, since that's the week after finals for HS, but it seems too far off right now. I miss having History to entertain me. Right now I'm spending my days making icons and studying for the HS finals, which I am certainly not looking forward to. I wonder sometimes if HS is just a giant game of peek-a-boo. As in, they make like miserable because you have no clue of what the real world is like, and then suddenly when you're done, you see what it's like outside, and all you can think is "...well, this is a little bit disappointing."

I may be missing getting out of the house every day, though. Shopping this weekend for my new glasses(I want to get the same frames, but new, to go with my new lenses, but apparently we have to shop around for two weeks. My dad does not get that if I don't like what we get, I literally will not wear them. That's something I'm gonna have stuck on my face for another couple of years, and I'm not going to look like an idiot.) and for whatever I need for basketball when it starts, so that should help get rid of some cabin fever. If we go back to HEB, I'm totally picking up the Def Leppard shirt I saw last week, though. And maybe the AC/DC one, too. We'll see.

And now, I should totally be in bed, because I have a finals review in five hours, and I'm going to be half-dead as is.
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Guys, we've got ~75 hours 'till GISHWHES is over. I can't believe it. (You can watch the countdown anxiously over here)

In other news, we're home, hopefully for a long while now. Thanks to everyone for the support <3

Now I have websites to go build...
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So, RL update. I've been kinda absentee since Sunday. Long story short, Mum got sick again and I've been up here at the hospital with her since then. We're prolly gonna be here 'till next weekend, too. So I've got her laptop, but I'm really just chilling and watching netflix with her to keep us both happy. For those of you who do so, keep us in your prayers; she needs to get a count of at least 3 on her white blood cells before they'll let her go again, and it's at 1.7 right now. So we're definitely gonna be here through Thanksgiving. I'm going to maybe be home tonight, but I'm totally just gonna chill in front of the TV and unwind a little bit before coming back up to spend more time with her. But either way I'm gonna prolly be offline around here for a while; maybe 'till into next week. If you want to talk, you can always drop a comment or send me an email.

So that's what's happening with me. NGL, Tumblr's been seeing a lot of me the past couple days because it's so addictive easy(I helped motivate Tumblr's SPN fandom to get Jared to win the Portrait Mag contest!). In one way, her getting sick kinda fell on the best time possible, because I don't have school this week and I can spend all my time looking after her. On the other hand, I've got finals in a couple weeks, applications to work on for next year, GISHWHES, my mini big bang to finish, and a myriad of little stuff that needs to be done before the end of the year. But I'm still really glad that I get to be here for her. I'd much rather be here than her be alone. So, there's that.

And that's RL. Thankfully all the nurses here have been so incredibly nice to us both, it's amazing. And our doctor is an angel, literally. So there've definitely been upsides.

Moving into a much less serious note...because everyone knows I love a good meme, and I love my ships to a pretty unhealthy degree, so this is a nice win-win. Boo-yah. Snagged from my girl [ profile] yappichick

1. Think of up to 20 ships you support. (DX ONLY TWENTY, NOT ENOUGHH)
2. List them using descriptions of the characters involved rather than their names.
3. Have your audience guess as many of the ships as they can.
4. Fandom hints will be given if asked in the comments.

some of these are so cheesy

I am not surprised at how fast everyone got these, ROTFL )
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I have little to say, other than I finished my tags reorganization..thing. It's a bit amusing to me. I went from 600+ tags to about 150, and it still feels like a ton of least it's a bit prettier! I think...LOL

Oh! I posted another Doctor Who fic, and it's one I'm rather ridiculously proud of...considering it's the first time I've written TenII OR Fluff/Non-angst in the DW 'verse. And it's not horribly bad, judging from the comments I've gotten.
Yeah, that's basically me doing some anti-whining, but heyy...I think I have a right. I had just finished reading [ profile] professor_spork 's wonderful Feeling Electric 'verse fics. (HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE COMIC BOOKS+ DOCTOR/ROSE?), and I was feeling like a rather bad writer in comparison...I was pretty :(-ey, but I was half-way asleep when this idea whapped me upside the head and I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep till I wrote I did. And unlike all my other 2AM story ideas, it's not completely ~out there!
So proud. XP

And now for a meme;
Day 10 - A show you thought you wouldn't like but ended up loving
Well, my first reaction to Merlin was skepticism. A cracky take on King Arthur? A British TV show? Needless to say, my opinion not only changed, it changed radically. Now about half my favorite shows are in fact British/cracky-fun. So my opinion was changed quiet a bit in that regards, but there haven't been many shows I didn't like and then did. I generally stick with my first impressions on things, so I don't deal with this much. I'd say there's only one show that I was encouraged forcefully to watch and then ended up falling in love with, and that's Star Trek: Voyager. See, I wasn't really a Star Trek fan. I could appreciate it's place in things and it's role as progenitor of most modern scifi, but that didn't mean I has to love it. 'Course, that's changed, in general, since Voyager and Enterprise and Star Trek XI, but Voyager is what opened my eyes to the fact that it isn't all that bad. Still not quiet as obsessed/in love with it as my brother though. And I still tease huge Star Trek fans.

The days )
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I'm thinking (read; going to, most likely) about joining [ profile] scifiland. I just don't know which team to pick *sigh* Anyone on my flist a member of a team and knows which I should join? And, as much as my competitive side will hate me for this, I don't think I care if my team's winning or losing so long as I can play. 'Cause everyone's put out all kinds of pretties from it and obviously I don't have enough to do...

Anyone watched NBC's Crusoe? It's really good...we watched it when it aired and now we're watching it via Netflix. I may have a huge crush on Phillip Winchester, too, LOL. I just wish it hadn't gotten did have really great potential. Or so I think. Of course, I think that about a looottt of shows, so...*shrugs*

[6] Agam Darshi
[3] Amanda Tapping
[2] Bradley James
[2] Kavan Smith
[1] Bradley James + Angel Coulby
+1 bonus Amanda Tapping macro!picspam, 'cause I really can't resist her *-*

so what do we do then, with tragedy around the bend? )

Round up of things I've signed up for/am trying to do:

[ profile] helen_stills 
[ profile] morganastills 
[ profile] pendragonstills 
[ profile] karenstills 
[ profile] merlingirlstill 

[ profile] stargate365days -Stargate SG-1 Season 4
[ profile] sj_rumble                  (Joooinnnn meee? PLEEEEEEASEEEE?)
[ profile] stargate_rumble     (Also join me? *offers cookies*)
[ profile] rdanderson_lims 

[ profile] scifi20in20  - Stargate SG-1 Season Four (yup, two different claims of the same thing. I am crazy)
[ profile] sanctuary20in20  - Henry/Kate (I did say I'd make more for [ profile] kate_and_henry ...and well, admit it. They rock.)
[ profile] merlin20in20  - waiting to sign up...
[ profile] scifieps20in20  - Rose Tyler (A lot of these can have the Doctor in them...riiight? I mean, since they're practically inseparable anyway...)
[ profile] gate_eps20in20  - Ark of Truth

I don't think I'm missing anything...errrmmm...

Why no, I don't have too much on my plate. Whatever do you mean? *g*
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I updated my profile with a pretty banner and a new layout...I think I'm kinda sorta in love with it ;D Especially the banner...I'm rather proud of it LOL :)
Day 09 - Best scene ever
Ekk! Okay, so I'm horrible with picking favorites/least favorites (have you guessed that yet?), but as of right now, only one scene springs to mind; when Balinor dies in "The Last Dragonlord" (Merlin). The acting on Colin's part is really great, and just the whole scene, concept behind the scene, and performances just blow me away every time. I pretty much end up sobbing every single time I watch that episode, and that's the scene that sets me off. Some people might wonder why I picked such a sad scene for the best scene ever, but that's because I thrive on the emotional angsty-ness of it. I dunno why, but I love the stuff that gets me attached and then yanks the heartstrings (Oh hai der Ten, why the lurking?). I'm sure there are plenty of other scenes for all kinds of shows that I could have picked, but I can't think of them at the moment, and that scene is one that always sticks with me anyway.

The days )
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'Cause I'm kinda OCD like this. Feel free to ignore, I just need one place to keep track of what all I've posted.

Completed Icons (Doctor Who )

Posted Fics (Doctor who and Sanctuary) )
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Day 05 - A show you hate

Okay, so there really isn't a show for this category, since I won't watch a show (or even consider a show), if I don't think I'll like it or I haven't gotten any references from friends. So there really, honestly isn't a show to go here. Sorry to disappoint!

And a moment to look at the list:

5 down, 25 to go  )

For anyone who cares, my watching of Doctor Who is going quiet well. I can TOTALLY see why so many people like David Tennant. He's adorkable, and OMG HE HAS FREAKIN GLASSES. That's a huge win in my opinion. Glasses are hot.
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Ugh. What a time to be feeling down about my lack of talents. Considering I just signed up for like five 20in20s it's not very bright of me to have a breakdown about my icon-making, but I suppose that's the way it is. I can't exactly make good icons when I feel they're not gonna turn out well anyway. So, I'm going to be taking a break from icon-making for a bit. At least a week; most likely more. I just need to step away and re-gain some faith in my abilities. If that's even possible. I'm still gonna make GIFs and probably(maybe) some banners or something, just not icons. I need to somehow make myself feel better about my talents, so I'm going to do what I think I can do well, something that sets me apart from others. Not icons.

If anyone cares, my first bit of Primeval icons are here. It'll be the last bit of icons before I finish my 20in20 stuff.
Day 04 - Your favorite show ever

Did anyone really expect anything else? Stargate SG-1 was my very first love, and while I've fallen in and out of love with many, many shows, Stargate has always been there. Stargate was one of the main reasons I went online; and it kept me out of a heck of a lot as a kid, because I'd rather watch SG-1 any day instead of going out and being a general hooligan :P. My huge attraction to this show has been kinda taken for granted, but I can promise you, it's the only show I've ever watched that has been re-watched, in full (s1-s10), more than 4 times. And that is a pretty huge accomplishment lol. It does make me sad when I realize that I almost never talk about it (except for the occasional reference), and never really do fangirly things for it. But it's always been there, and it always will.
And the why? It's just awesome in every level. Characters, story lines, production, just everything. I mean, can you tell? It lasted 10 years. If you haven't watched it then we are so not friends any more I recommend you at least give it a shot (start with SG-1, NOT SGU or SGA).
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Iron Man 2 Trailer Icons

[14] Iron Man icons
[13] Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff icons
[3] Iron Man/War Machine icons
[2] Backlash/Ivan Vanko icons


Total: 32 Icons )

Sanctuary - Blindsided

Title: Blindsided
Author: [ profile] sgmajorshipper 
Rating:  PG
Characters/Pairings: Kate/Henry
Spoilers/Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Nothing is mine, I'm just playing around with the people.
Words:  414
Genre: Romance/Fluff
Summary: Henry can be rather dense sometimes
Author’s notes: For [ profile] liliofthevaley . My partner in crime spreading the love of FATE. Continuation of the infamous Step On Her Toes And You Die drabbles.


"Well that was a complete waste of time" )

SGA - Don't Cry

Title: Don't Cry
Author: [ profile] sgmajorshipper 
Rating:  PG
Characters/Pairings: John/Teyla
Spoilers/Warnings: None really.
Disclaimer: Nothing is mine, I'm just playing around with the people.
Words:  305
Genre: Fluff/Angst
Summary: Teyla has a dream that makes her realize just how badly she wants a child
Author’s notes: For [ profile] clwilson2006 :) I needed to re-visit J/T, it's been a while. Anywho, enjoy.

He wiggled his eyebrows and grinned at her from across the table, and she tried not to laugh. )


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