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And continues to screw over their userbase with vagueness and a lack of communication. Seriously, it feels like they're trying to attract new users without giving a damn about those of us who are actual users right now(or what they might tell prospective users). I'm also extremely worried about this whole "getting rid of ads" business. I don't see how they can just do away with that method of revenue, especially since people are leaving in droves and taking their money and content with them. It makes me worry about what they're gonna replace it with.

It's titled State of the Goat 2012. Does kinda remind me of the last State of the Union address; full of contradictory platitudes and some truly terrifying proposed ideas mixed with happy buzz-words.
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That I can view my entire flist, comms and journals, in a reasonable amount of time. I've stopped watching quite a few comms, and I think it's because pretty much most shows are pretty quite right, now, but, hey, getting back into the swing of fandom is a good thing, right?

OH ALSO. Everyone needs to go read [ profile] lunasky3's Mafia!AU Sam/Lucifer fic and [ profile] princess_aleera's fic in the same 'verse of Dean being a detective and also kinda a jerk but loving Sam and having to deal with Cas's soul-staring.

Onto a less happy and more infuriating note:
(Emphasis is mine, originally found on [community profile] lj_refugees)

The Return of Livejournal
by Neal Ungerleider

LiveJournal, one of the web's most popular early blogging sites, is launching a comeback in the United States. Their plans for 2012 include massive changes for users. Oh, and "Game Of Thrones" creator George R.R. Martin is a big user.

Read more if you're interested in some of the history and dynamics of LJ and the screwing over we know is to come )

And this is why I love Dreamwidth. Because it's not LJ and their BSery
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Best summary of what's happened with LJ and what you can do about it. For those who haven't already sussed out what is happening or what you can do, this explains quickly what's up.

For everyone who does know what's up, there's some interesting options to consider, if you haven't already taken action. It functions well as a masterpost, too.

Eventually I will post about other stuff. Eventually. Maybe when shows come back next year. I'm all caught up on my flist, though, so there's that! And apparently me and the brother are going to go see Sherlock Holmes tomorrow or Sunday. *shrugs* We'll see.

holy crap

Dec. 27th, 2011 02:44 am
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So, you know how the most recent LJ changes are just the first in their goal to completely redesign the site? Well apparently there exists a copy of what the site will look like once the transformation is complete, courtesy of the people behind the design process.
*blinks again*

Yeah. I mean, just look at their design for the profile. I want to hide in a shell of cringiness. It's so sterile and busy and smooth and tries to hard. LJ WHY YOU DO THIS?
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The internet can at the very least try and fix things. For those who are interested, there's a stylish script that tries to help clean up the gradients and stuff for the new LJ, if anyone's interested (it's not perfect, but I like the way it works, so I'm using it on top of the rest of my LJ scripts);

I also highly recommend this other script, because it's pretty awesome for LJ.;

And if you don't have stylish, I am judging you, it's an awesome FF(and Chrome!) add-on that lets you customize any page with CSS and HTML. Works really nice with LJ, YT, Tumblr, FB(which I don't use, but I guess some do), and Google. And there are lots that can help darkify your browser, which is useful if you're like me and you do a lot of browsing when the light's not the best.



Dec. 21st, 2011 04:43 pm
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Basically this is me making sure the crossposting between LJ and Dreamwidth is working, since I'm seriously considering starting to do all my posting over here and just crosspost to LJ. I've also gotten started on importing all my LJ stuff into my Dreamwidth as a backup.

Sooo...yeah. If you're on Dreamwidth and you'd like to follow me, I'm [personal profile] majorshipper.
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→Ugh. LJ! You're not sending my notices, again! How am I supposed to know if any of my VERY IMPORTANT COMMENT THREADS are being updated?

→Got my christmas card from [ profile] yappichick! 'S very pretty and thoughtful; thank you, bb! My brother got it and thought it was a birthday card, since I've been getting those pretty much all week, but I corrected him when I got up. I showed to it Mum, and she was quite enamored with it, especially when I explained that it was from a friend of mine from SGA, she was all ", you guys must have met a long time ago!" (I neglected to mention that I even remember the old John/Teyla threads from GW that I lurked on and got to know everyone on long before I got LJ, because that was even longer ago).
Made me have a moment of "Holy smokes, I've been in fandom for a fourth of my life, pretty much." Which made me feel both old and young. And also kinda gave me the urge to go and delete anything from before 2008, because who really likes the random thoughts of a teenager? And the fanfic. Oh my god. I can't read any of that stuff. It scares me.

→I also can't believe I've only been on LJ for two years. It feels like so much longer, because of all the lurking I did long before I signed up. That, and the fact that I started on forums rather than LJ, and so I didn't get here 'till after I left forums. But really. The people I've gotten to know, the friends I've made, the ups and down that I've been through with y'all; the shows that I've found and loved and lost...
Basically; akl;dfghjgfijkl I LOVE EVERYONE.

→I really, really love Mission: Impossible 3. Me and the brother had a marathon of the three movies the other day, and I, of course, loved the movies, because I'm an action/adventure junkie with a love of spy movies. But my real great love for M:I3 isn't so much the typical stuff; my favorite thing was the direction and cinematography. For an action/thriller, it was gorgeously shot, IMHO. The colors were all rich in the right spots and washed out in all the right ones; the tones(blue and green and steel-gray vs. red and yellow and orange and brown) matched the actual tones of scenes, the camera was steady and locked-off when the tone called for it, and jittery and handheld when that was needed, too. It doesn't hurt that Tom Cruise was fantastic, either. The whole thing was just amazing, both in writing and directing. I think it helped cement JJ Abrams as one of my favorite directors, ever.

→Oh, something I got a kick out of; Stanford sent me a letter inviting me to apply for their High School Summer College. Basically it was along the lines of "You're smart, apparently, since you score high marks on standardized testing; would you like to come to school here next summer?"
On one hand, holy smokes, if I didn't have to think about anything else, I'd snap that sucker up in a heartbeat. But on the other hand, that's an eight-week program, which would keep me from doing my aerospace scholars program AND the summer seminar at the Academy. And I would have to find a way to get to Cali and some kind of arrangement to stay there. So basically, they got me all excited and then I realized it wouldn't be feasible. So I'm adding it to the stack of letters from places I'd like to go, like Embry-Riddle.
Responsible choices are so annoying.
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I was looking at it earlier, and now I'm considering downloading and installing it. I've read quite a bit on the site itself, but I still feel like I don't know much about it. So, are there any peeps on my flist who have/do use it? What are the pros vs. cons? Is it worth it?

(Hi guys! How are you? <3 I'm not dead \o/ Unlike LJ's been, the past few days...:/)
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So, I'm sure none of my flist will do this, as pretty much all of you have said the same thing, but please, please, please don't crosspost comments you make on my entries. I'm sure everyone's heard the long version of that so I'll get on to the more interesting bit, with much thanks to [ profile] diek09  for giving me the heads-up.

If your journal uses custom comment pages, then you can use this code to shut off the ability to crosspost. Sadly it doesn't work for people like me who use the unstyled comment pages, but I hope some of y'all can use it! 

.b-repost-item {display:none}

1. Go to Customize Journal Style (Customize your theme)
2. Select Custom CSS from left hand sidebar menu
3. Paste the .b-repost-item {display:none} into the Custom stylesheet box (if you already have a custom stylesheet, then just paste it in at the bottom and it should work).
4. Save changes!


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