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How fast are y'all at typing? Are you more of a touch-typist or do you have to look at what you're doing or are you just more of a hunt-n-peck kinda person?

I've always assumed that people who use the internet competently(i.e. competent enough to have a functioning LJ, lol) are pretty good typists, but someone pointed out to me that a lot of people these days can't type without watching their hands.

Personally I type a good solid 60wpm on Mavis Beacon without looking, but I developed that from when I was a kid and I'd spend hours and hours goofing off with writing and playing with HTML while watching what I was doing, so as time passed, I just muscle-memorized which letters were which, and it's stuck.

Random factlet; my mum says she could type 90wpm on the old-fashioned typewriters back in the day(since she was a medical transcriptionist, this was kinda necessary), which has me bowing in awe, because while those typewriters are fun as heck to use, they're a lot harder than computer keyboards to deal with.

Also! I wrote 1500 words of possibly incoherent fic about Lisa stumbling into Sam and Dean's next hunt and walking away...unchanged. Because someone told me it needed to be written. Maybe I'm finally catching that writing disease where it becomes hard to write less than 500w? Lord knows it's about time.
(For those who don't know; back when I was doing a ton of stuff in Merlin fandom, I often bemoaned the fact that I couldn't seem to write anything over a thousand words to save my life)


Oct. 20th, 2011 08:17 pm
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re: scripts/deleted scenes and what is the word-of-God-canon material. If it was in the original draft, is it canon? What about later drafts? What about deleted scenes? Are the only things canon those we see onscreen as a part of the episode/movie itself? What about retconning; does it count if it's subtle and sensible, and not when it's whacky and odd? Or how about things stated during interviews/cons? Is it more canon if a writer says it vs. a producer vs. and actor(in this case, talking about a character)? What if the writers make a mistake early on and then fix it later in canon and interviews; is the original true, or is what they fixed it as the canon?

I've always been pretty liberal with what I consider canon, including deleted scenes and scenes that were in the filming drafts but got dropped for time or whatever, as well as stuff explicitly stated by writers/producers during interviews. Heck, I even consider most tie-ins canon. And I have no problem with tasteful retconning, most of the time. But I've noticed that a lot of fandom is very, very, very picky about what is canon and what isn't, to the point of discrediting and ignoring retcons and even things the writers themselves say was supposed to happen(I remember the crazy that went down when Joe Mallozzi stated that the writers had planned on a John and Teyla relationship, but hadn't gotten the chance to play it out).

So does most of this stem from fanatical fans who want to believe what they think is right, or are people too burned off trusting the people who create their shows?
IDK. Offer your thoughts. Is defining canon more of a show-by-show, fandom-by-fandom kinda thing?

*This post is brought to you by my wandering brain, How long Sam spent at Standford, and the script for Merlin 4x03. You're welcome.
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I was looking at it earlier, and now I'm considering downloading and installing it. I've read quite a bit on the site itself, but I still feel like I don't know much about it. So, are there any peeps on my flist who have/do use it? What are the pros vs. cons? Is it worth it?

(Hi guys! How are you? <3 I'm not dead \o/ Unlike LJ's been, the past few days...:/)
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I have little to say, other than I finished my tags reorganization..thing. It's a bit amusing to me. I went from 600+ tags to about 150, and it still feels like a ton of least it's a bit prettier! I think...LOL

Oh! I posted another Doctor Who fic, and it's one I'm rather ridiculously proud of...considering it's the first time I've written TenII OR Fluff/Non-angst in the DW 'verse. And it's not horribly bad, judging from the comments I've gotten.
Yeah, that's basically me doing some anti-whining, but heyy...I think I have a right. I had just finished reading [ profile] professor_spork 's wonderful Feeling Electric 'verse fics. (HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE COMIC BOOKS+ DOCTOR/ROSE?), and I was feeling like a rather bad writer in comparison...I was pretty :(-ey, but I was half-way asleep when this idea whapped me upside the head and I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep till I wrote I did. And unlike all my other 2AM story ideas, it's not completely ~out there!
So proud. XP

And now for a meme;
Day 10 - A show you thought you wouldn't like but ended up loving
Well, my first reaction to Merlin was skepticism. A cracky take on King Arthur? A British TV show? Needless to say, my opinion not only changed, it changed radically. Now about half my favorite shows are in fact British/cracky-fun. So my opinion was changed quiet a bit in that regards, but there haven't been many shows I didn't like and then did. I generally stick with my first impressions on things, so I don't deal with this much. I'd say there's only one show that I was encouraged forcefully to watch and then ended up falling in love with, and that's Star Trek: Voyager. See, I wasn't really a Star Trek fan. I could appreciate it's place in things and it's role as progenitor of most modern scifi, but that didn't mean I has to love it. 'Course, that's changed, in general, since Voyager and Enterprise and Star Trek XI, but Voyager is what opened my eyes to the fact that it isn't all that bad. Still not quiet as obsessed/in love with it as my brother though. And I still tease huge Star Trek fans.

The days )
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I'm thinking (read; going to, most likely) about joining [ profile] scifiland. I just don't know which team to pick *sigh* Anyone on my flist a member of a team and knows which I should join? And, as much as my competitive side will hate me for this, I don't think I care if my team's winning or losing so long as I can play. 'Cause everyone's put out all kinds of pretties from it and obviously I don't have enough to do...

Anyone watched NBC's Crusoe? It's really good...we watched it when it aired and now we're watching it via Netflix. I may have a huge crush on Phillip Winchester, too, LOL. I just wish it hadn't gotten did have really great potential. Or so I think. Of course, I think that about a looottt of shows, so...*shrugs*

[6] Agam Darshi
[3] Amanda Tapping
[2] Bradley James
[2] Kavan Smith
[1] Bradley James + Angel Coulby
+1 bonus Amanda Tapping macro!picspam, 'cause I really can't resist her *-*

so what do we do then, with tragedy around the bend? )

Round up of things I've signed up for/am trying to do:

[ profile] helen_stills 
[ profile] morganastills 
[ profile] pendragonstills 
[ profile] karenstills 
[ profile] merlingirlstill 

[ profile] stargate365days -Stargate SG-1 Season 4
[ profile] sj_rumble                  (Joooinnnn meee? PLEEEEEEASEEEE?)
[ profile] stargate_rumble     (Also join me? *offers cookies*)
[ profile] rdanderson_lims 

[ profile] scifi20in20  - Stargate SG-1 Season Four (yup, two different claims of the same thing. I am crazy)
[ profile] sanctuary20in20  - Henry/Kate (I did say I'd make more for [ profile] kate_and_henry ...and well, admit it. They rock.)
[ profile] merlin20in20  - waiting to sign up...
[ profile] scifieps20in20  - Rose Tyler (A lot of these can have the Doctor in them...riiight? I mean, since they're practically inseparable anyway...)
[ profile] gate_eps20in20  - Ark of Truth

I don't think I'm missing anything...errrmmm...

Why no, I don't have too much on my plate. Whatever do you mean? *g*


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