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Happy Thanksgiving, to all of my American friends! For the rest of you...happy November 25th! :D

Finally finishing this up! Next I start 30 days of Stargate & 30 days of DW...maybe XD

Day 26 - OMG WTF? Season finale
Not exactly a season finale, but for the sake of this day, it fits. The Pandorica Opens(Doctor Who) takes the cake, I think. When it ended I definitely felt like stuff just got ~serious. Honorable mention goes to The Rising(John Doe) with it's last scene. Every time I see it I still get a OMGG WHAT WAS THAT!? feeling...especially since it's not like we're gonna get a resolution.

Day 27 - Best pilot episode best Pilot. Sanctuary for all(Sanctuary) was awesome...I loved the pilot for Primeval, too. Human Target had a really awesome pilot too. And of course, Children of the Gods was EPICNESS, especially the new version they just released.
Um, I know there are awesome ones, but I really can't think of them XD

Day 28 - First TV show obsession
Stargate SG-1 (lol I'm sure most of you know this) all the way. I never watched any of the other classic TV shows of the 90s, mostly because I was either in the middle of nowhere on a farm or because I was too young to even comprehend that there was a TV (yup, I don't even remember having a TV 'till maybe '95). Then we moved away from the farm and I found Stargate and..well, the rest, as they say, is history. Stargate got me online in '07 and brought me to LJ and twitter last year :D

Day 29 - Current TV show obsession
Really I'm not obcessing atm. I'm watching the Sarah Jane Adventures, but otherwise, nothing new. But I'm gearing up for the Merlin finale, Doctor Who Christmas special, and the return of there's all that on the horizon :D

Day 30 - Saddest character death
The answer to this one was honestly going to be Ashely Magnus, until I saw The End of Time for the first time. So I'd say Ten's regeneration is probably it, even if I love Eleven.

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First off, I TAKE BACK EVERYTHING I SAID ABOUT ANDROMEDA S4 NOT BEING VERY GREAT. It has Steve Bacic in it! (well, the last 3/4...before that it was rather not-so-good) Yeah, I think it says a lot about my fangirlish nature that an entire season can be redeemed by a hot new guy and a ship that I jumped on faster than Harper/Rommie.
So, it looks like I shouldn't say what I don't like, 'cause it's gonna come back and make me like it.
Anywho, on to day twelve.

Day 12 - An episode you've watched more than 5 times
This amuses me to no end, 'cause on several shows (Stargate SG-1, SGA, Doctor Who(S5), Merlin, Primeval, Sherlock, Sanctuary, etc.) I've seen ALL of the episodes more than five times. Still. I can name a few off the top of my head; Window of Opportunity, Unending (SG-1), The Last Man, Rising, Conversion (SGA), Sweet Dreams, The Last Dragonlord (Merlin), The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang, The Eleventh Hour, (DWS5-I don't think I could list all the Doctor/Rose eps I've watched 5+ times lol)...and so you get the idea. On some I've watched the episodes a dozen times and I'm still not tired of it/love it (SG-1 FTW!).

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Day 11 - A show that disappointed you
There's only two shows I'm not really that happy with, and to be completely honest, I haven't finished/gotten caught up on either. First one is Andromeda. The first two seasons were really great. I mean, I adored them. 'S all that held me down during season 3 and so far season 4. It's not horrible, but it's so much less that I know it's capable of being. And sometimes (often) I find it's rather confusing.
Second show is Torchwood. Though, to be 100% honest, I can't judge. I've seen all of three episodes, but I just can't bring myself to get more than half-way through the fourth. I've heard wonderful things about it, but it just seems weird and...not very good quality. Maybe it's just these first few episodes, maybe it's just my POV, but I don't like it. I do plan on finishing the fourth episode at some point, but it's most definitely not high on the list. Then, of course, there's the main reason I wanted to watch it; Jack. And he seems rather OC to me. I mean, there's moments when he's just like in DW, but mostly he seems like a different character.

Anywho, there's my rant on the matter...TW fans, feel free to encourage me and tell me if/how it gets better?
ALSO, NO MATTER HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT IT, THIS WILL GIVE YOU WARM FUZZIES. Torchwood + Ten + Rose as babies. Adorable beyond belief.

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I have little to say, other than I finished my tags reorganization..thing. It's a bit amusing to me. I went from 600+ tags to about 150, and it still feels like a ton of least it's a bit prettier! I think...LOL

Oh! I posted another Doctor Who fic, and it's one I'm rather ridiculously proud of...considering it's the first time I've written TenII OR Fluff/Non-angst in the DW 'verse. And it's not horribly bad, judging from the comments I've gotten.
Yeah, that's basically me doing some anti-whining, but heyy...I think I have a right. I had just finished reading [ profile] professor_spork 's wonderful Feeling Electric 'verse fics. (HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE COMIC BOOKS+ DOCTOR/ROSE?), and I was feeling like a rather bad writer in comparison...I was pretty :(-ey, but I was half-way asleep when this idea whapped me upside the head and I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep till I wrote I did. And unlike all my other 2AM story ideas, it's not completely ~out there!
So proud. XP

And now for a meme;
Day 10 - A show you thought you wouldn't like but ended up loving
Well, my first reaction to Merlin was skepticism. A cracky take on King Arthur? A British TV show? Needless to say, my opinion not only changed, it changed radically. Now about half my favorite shows are in fact British/cracky-fun. So my opinion was changed quiet a bit in that regards, but there haven't been many shows I didn't like and then did. I generally stick with my first impressions on things, so I don't deal with this much. I'd say there's only one show that I was encouraged forcefully to watch and then ended up falling in love with, and that's Star Trek: Voyager. See, I wasn't really a Star Trek fan. I could appreciate it's place in things and it's role as progenitor of most modern scifi, but that didn't mean I has to love it. 'Course, that's changed, in general, since Voyager and Enterprise and Star Trek XI, but Voyager is what opened my eyes to the fact that it isn't all that bad. Still not quiet as obsessed/in love with it as my brother though. And I still tease huge Star Trek fans.

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I updated my profile with a pretty banner and a new layout...I think I'm kinda sorta in love with it ;D Especially the banner...I'm rather proud of it LOL :)
Day 09 - Best scene ever
Ekk! Okay, so I'm horrible with picking favorites/least favorites (have you guessed that yet?), but as of right now, only one scene springs to mind; when Balinor dies in "The Last Dragonlord" (Merlin). The acting on Colin's part is really great, and just the whole scene, concept behind the scene, and performances just blow me away every time. I pretty much end up sobbing every single time I watch that episode, and that's the scene that sets me off. Some people might wonder why I picked such a sad scene for the best scene ever, but that's because I thrive on the emotional angsty-ness of it. I dunno why, but I love the stuff that gets me attached and then yanks the heartstrings (Oh hai der Ten, why the lurking?). I'm sure there are plenty of other scenes for all kinds of shows that I could have picked, but I can't think of them at the moment, and that scene is one that always sticks with me anyway.

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Day 07 - Least favorite episode season of your favorite TV show
Just like with day six, I can't name one episode that I really don't like. In fact, I'm kinda hard pressed to name a season I don't like, simply because of how much I love Stargate. The only season in general that I'm not crazy about is Season Nine. It just seemed to be lacking...especially since Jack'd just left, there were two new characters (whom I adore, don't get me wrong), and a whole new storyline. I think it was just too much, to soon. I love the season, but compared to all the others, it just doesn't quiet equal up.

Day 08 - A show everyone should watch.
This one's easy, in my opinion. There are two answers, in reality, but since I've already used Chuck, I'm going to go with Bones. It's an awesome show with lovable characters and great plots. Yeah, it's another crime drama, but it's not. It's really quiet unique, in my opinion. And, well, it doesn't hurt that the show has two epic ships that I adore and lots of pretty people.

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*waves* Hey kids, you remember this meme? Yeah? Congrats! You have a memory way bigger than mine :D
I kinda started it ages ago...and I'm finally getting back to it. :)

Day 06 - Favorite episode of your favorite TV show
Firstly, Stargate SG-1 is so epic it isn't possible to have just one favourite episode. I've watched each ep countless times and I have a special spot for each and every one. But, I can narrow it down a bit. I love all of the pre-season six eps (Now, don't get me wrong, I like Jonas bunches, but he was not Daniel), and season four in particular. Why, you ask? Because season four gave us episodes like Upgrades, Divide and Conquer, Window of Opportunity, Beneath the Surface, The Curse, Absolute Power, etc. You get the idea. All of which I love and can watch over and over and over again without getting tired. And my top two episodes from my favorite season are Beneath the Surface, and Window of Opportunity. I know, those are probably everyone else's favorites too, but I can't help the fact that they're awesome.

The Days )
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Day 05 - A show you hate

Okay, so there really isn't a show for this category, since I won't watch a show (or even consider a show), if I don't think I'll like it or I haven't gotten any references from friends. So there really, honestly isn't a show to go here. Sorry to disappoint!

And a moment to look at the list:

5 down, 25 to go  )

For anyone who cares, my watching of Doctor Who is going quiet well. I can TOTALLY see why so many people like David Tennant. He's adorkable, and OMG HE HAS FREAKIN GLASSES. That's a huge win in my opinion. Glasses are hot.
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Ugh. What a time to be feeling down about my lack of talents. Considering I just signed up for like five 20in20s it's not very bright of me to have a breakdown about my icon-making, but I suppose that's the way it is. I can't exactly make good icons when I feel they're not gonna turn out well anyway. So, I'm going to be taking a break from icon-making for a bit. At least a week; most likely more. I just need to step away and re-gain some faith in my abilities. If that's even possible. I'm still gonna make GIFs and probably(maybe) some banners or something, just not icons. I need to somehow make myself feel better about my talents, so I'm going to do what I think I can do well, something that sets me apart from others. Not icons.

If anyone cares, my first bit of Primeval icons are here. It'll be the last bit of icons before I finish my 20in20 stuff.
Day 04 - Your favorite show ever

Did anyone really expect anything else? Stargate SG-1 was my very first love, and while I've fallen in and out of love with many, many shows, Stargate has always been there. Stargate was one of the main reasons I went online; and it kept me out of a heck of a lot as a kid, because I'd rather watch SG-1 any day instead of going out and being a general hooligan :P. My huge attraction to this show has been kinda taken for granted, but I can promise you, it's the only show I've ever watched that has been re-watched, in full (s1-s10), more than 4 times. And that is a pretty huge accomplishment lol. It does make me sad when I realize that I almost never talk about it (except for the occasional reference), and never really do fangirly things for it. But it's always been there, and it always will.
And the why? It's just awesome in every level. Characters, story lines, production, just everything. I mean, can you tell? It lasted 10 years. If you haven't watched it then we are so not friends any more I recommend you at least give it a shot (start with SG-1, NOT SGU or SGA).
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Heee! Me is gleefull, because me figured out how to make meself some gifs. As in, animated pictures. I made one from the Primeval opening credits (since it's the only show I have dl'd right within easy reach).

IT'S A REAL, LIVE, GIF! Still kinda flaily over my mad skills. And guess what? I didn't use a single tutorial either. :D So I think I'm gonna be going a bit crazy making gifs. You have been warned, kay? Eeee this makes me very happy. And on that note...what do you guys think I should make gifs of?

Day 03 - Your favorite new show (aired this TV season)

Sadly enough, this doesn't have a real answer, because I haven't seriously gotten into any shows aired new this TV season. I watched V for a while, and I have a feeling that I will end up getting into it eventually, but right now I'm not. And nothing much else appeals to me. Except SGU. At first I was hating it. A lot. But then I had to take a step back and say, "OK, this show, this isn't Stargate, not to me. Therefore I'm going to give up on comparing it to Stargate." And once I did that, I found I could watch it without going crazy. And now I can accept it as a decent sci-fi show. So, considering it's the only show I've watched that's new this year, I suppose that makes it my favorite.
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EEEE! First off, the thoughts.
Primeval And Chuck thoughts )

Also, I really need to do a Merlin re-watch. *Adds to gigantic to-do list*
AFTER finals. After finals....

Okay, and now for the meme. LOL...I fail at having lots of shows to talk about, FYI.
Day 02 - A show that you wish more people were watching

So I know the show is already pretty popular, but I'm serious when I say, more people should watch it. To be completely honest, I only started watching this season, and from the first episode I was totally hooked. I'd heard of it before, but I never really had gotten into it. It's amusing and pretty stupid, but yet at the same time, completely lovable. If that even makes sense...just watch it! If you don't already, it's the ultimate geek show. I actually have gotten excited about certain geek references tossed about by Chuck and Morgan. Not sure if that says something good or something bad about LOL
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Egh, I am crazy. My days are probably gonna be like everywhere and nowhere in between. Or; not so constant. Also, my explanations will be quiet confused looking...'cause I'm obviously going off the deep end.

Day One - A show that never should have been canceled

I really did love this show when I first caught the pilot years ago when it first aired. At the time it was kinda the 'forbidden show' for us to watch, since I only saw it when my mom wasn't home and my dad dared to let us watch a show that was rated TV-14. :P
I loved the concept and the plots, and at the end I was confused as to why there never was more, or answers as to who exactly the bad guy was? Or who was the girl, Teresa? So many questions, and it could have gone so far. If they had picked it up for another season it's my firm belief they could have drawn out the story lines and made it into something even better.

The horror that is to come... )


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