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And if so, are you aware of Darcy/Clint fic? This is a long shot in the big dark night, but, hey, I figured I'd ask. Somehow I stumbled into [personal profile] smittywing's awesome Not Your Mother's Alma Mater WIP(I KNOW WHAT AM I DOING I JUST WHAAAAAAT WHY ALL THE WIPS) and I want to read more of them, because, apparently, they hit my nerdy girl/sweet guy love just right. Vaguely they remind me of Chuck/Becky and maybe Elizabeth/Rodney, though their dynamic was reverse.

Apparently this also cements the fact that I still like het. And I still like het exclusively sometimes, because while I can appreciate some of the Tony/Steve stuff, slash in this particular verse isn't my cuppa. Give me Tony/Pepper, Thor/Jane, Steve/Peggy and now apparently Darcy/Clint (ngl Natasha/Clint sounds good too). So I've still got my het-cred, apparently.

ANYWAYS. People into or even aware of Marvel's movie-verse; recs, comms, places to find more het fic? Hit me!

(also I really want to install my Alec moodtheme on LJ, but...I really, really like my A/G one, too, even if it hasn't been updated in years...just, staring at young!Jensen every time I post is really nice XD)
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Because the last one was already too long, and I think this deserves it's own place to discuss(code for me saying "YEAH, I GUESS YOU'RE RIGHT. I WOULD ENJOY THAT")

Should I watch Castle?

because I don't have a list of movies downloaded that I've already got queued up to watch

Also, my glases hate my face. I got new versions of the frames I had before when I got new glasses a few weeks ago, and while I'm used to it, the new hardness of the frames is starting to rub my nose the wrong way. It's annoying. It feels like I have sunburn under the nose pieces, which is really friggin painful.
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Quick! Give me your ~essential~ movies. Particularly "iconic" ones, or Disney movies. Don't worry about if I've seen it or not; I probably haven't. Seriously. This is why I'm asking y'all. I know nothing of movies. The extent of my experience is films based off comic books and Pixar. AND STAR WARS. Yes. I have seen it! My childhood was spent voraciously devouring the whole Expanded Universe after watching the original trilogy.
I'm looking at having a movie marathon of all the things I've put off watching over the next weekend. I've already got Mulan ready to go because several people have informed me that it and Aladdin are the best, along with Beauty and The Beast. Also looking at the Die Hard movies, because, seriously, everything I love in a movie. because disney and die hard go so. well. together

So, yeah. Hit me with your best shot.

Also I think my emotions may be on the fritz. The really sweet video of a guy proposing through memes made me cry, and now I'm sniffling along to Matt Kearney. His music makes me feel things, but, um, not usually sad things.

HEY GUYS GUYS GUY WHITE COLLAR TONIGHT \o/ We have our evening all planned around it. And you know what, as much as I love having "my" shows that nobody else watches, it's nice for there to be another show(after Stargate) that we all watch and enjoy(all of us being me, mum, the brother, and even dad when he can hear/see/understand what's going on).
Though, tbh, I'm not sure if I can pull the brother away from Star Trek: Online long enough to actually watch the episode. Apparently it went free today. We won't be seeing him again any time real soon, but, hey, at least it shuts him up pretty effectively, and that's always a consideration. Unless, of course, he insists on filling me in on little details that I can actually live without knowing. Sometimes I regret getting him into Star Trek.
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I am getting my hair cut in the next month or two, and I am going to be sending it off to Locks of Love. I just need to decide exactly what kinda haircut I'm getting. I know I want something short, and I really love Emma Watson's hair. I always said I wanted circa-S3 of Primeval Hannah Spearrit hair, but I'm quite torn. I haven't had short hair since I was, like eight, so it's a huge jump, and I have no idea what I'd look like with shorter hair (right now it's down to the small of my back when it's out of the ponytail).

Looking at more pics, I like Emma's hair more when it was shorter, I think. But that makes me think of Jamie Lee Curtis, which, just, no. So I'm back to Hannah, atm. I have some really good pics of her hair that are what I like, so I'm thinking that might be what I pick.

IDK. Anyone else know of some cute pixie-cut styles? I want something that's easy to deal with, relatively. I was hoping I could get it short enough to use an an electric razor (yes, like what they use on guys) with a long set of blades, but that won't work with what I'm looking for. But it shouldn't be that hard to go out and get it trimmed once I get the actual cut done.
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I was looking at it earlier, and now I'm considering downloading and installing it. I've read quite a bit on the site itself, but I still feel like I don't know much about it. So, are there any peeps on my flist who have/do use it? What are the pros vs. cons? Is it worth it?

(Hi guys! How are you? <3 I'm not dead \o/ Unlike LJ's been, the past few days...:/)
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I asked this over at [ profile] merlin_finders, but I figure some of y'all on my flist might know where I could find, because I'm lazy, the c+p from my post over there.

I've searched everywhere I can think of to find this picture, with no luck, and so I was hoping one of you lovely people might be able to help. It's a promotional image, with Arthur in chainmail with his sword leaning on his shoulder, and he's smiling. Any help with that is amazing! <3

And another general request; I'm looking for any pics of Arthur or Bradley smiling. High quality is preferred, but anything is super awesome. The only thing I don't want is pictures with Bradley's scruff, but otherwise I'm looking for anything. Thank you so much for anyone who can help with either of these! :)

Screencaps are more than welcome, as well.

I'm finally getting around to trying to make a manip...and for the life of me I can't find a good pic of Arthur or Bradley smiling! It's pretty sad...all the promo images of Arthur are him looking ~tough, and Bradley doesn't go to many events like Angel, so that's a no-go...arg. Yeah. Aside from not being able to find a good pic for Arthur, it's starting to look pretty dang good, I think. For a first try, that is.
Anywhos! If you can help, it's great, if you can't I still love you :D

A question

Sep. 5th, 2010 08:49 pm
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Fellow creative people; when you're making icons/wallpapers/headers, whatever, what is your preferred tool for 'cutting' people out? Right now I use masks, but they almost never look just right. I've heard (vaugely) about the pen tool but I've never used it, is that what you're suppose to use?
I dunno. I'm just curious and I'd like to know what everyone else uses that looks so great.


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