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[ profile] princess_aleera, just ignore this post. Move right on along. This is just us dwelling on that dark SPNy place.


Anways. It is sad and even more angst inducing but it gives a fantastic look at John's state of mind, after.

It's gen, and not super long, and it's title is Getting Up.

I think my sore throat is getting better, but it'll probably still be horrible tomorrow. I hate how I get it the week all of school starts up again. I think it's to do with it being that time of month and the fact that I always get sick this time of year. so basically everything's ganging up on me. :/

(does anyone else think American Pie(the song) is really long and rambly?)


Come and sign up for [profile] sncross_bigbang!

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As part of my parole agreement enabling of [personal profile] lunasky3, I signed up for this as an artist. XD


Jan. 15th, 2012 04:30 pm
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Sherlock has literally left me making unintelligible noises. I can't tell if it's from the sore throat that makes it painful to actually speak, or if it was just that...amazing, but I think I'm certainly leaning towards the latter with a dash of the former.

Yes, it is mind-blowing. And I will spoil no further. But you should watch it as soon as you can, and, of course, bring tissues. Even I teared up and got to whimpering.

It reminds me of a quote from Den of Geek that I saw on tumblr, explaining why Martin choose Sherlock over The Hobbit, and why Peter Jackson still wanted him no matter what.

(completely unrelated, but I feel that damn urge from S1 starting up again; I need to ship Sherlock/Molly, apparently)
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For once, got to watch it live! Yay \o/

spoilers for, of course, The Hounds of Baskerville )

Looking very much so forward to next week! XD
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So I was just scrolling through my flist when [ profile] missyjack linked to this post by [ profile] hells_half_acre about Irene Adler and why fandom has ~feelings~ about her. The title is Women, Sex, And Power - A Rant, so know that's what you're getting into. But it's still a fantastic look at Irene in BBC's Sherlock.

I got into a very, very interesting discussion with [ profile] hells_half_acre in the comments of that entry, and it directed me to these posts of hers, on the subject of Love (and Slash). Both are very, very interesting reads for anyone who gets slash, doesn't get slash, likes slash, likes gen, likes SPN, doesn't like SPN, loves Sherlock, doesn't care about Sherlock...etc. Everyone. She makes some very interesting observations on society's perception of sexuality in relationships.

The points brought up at first glace seem almost asexual to most people's(mainly misguided) perceptions, but that's just an overreaction to the fact that everything in today's society is so hyper-sexualized, and so something without that sex is seen as oddly lacking in sex(even when it was never supposed to have sex in the first place, hence the perceived asexuality). The original three articles are all short and to-the-point and very well enunciated. So what are you still doing reading my measly words? gogogogogo!
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Someone gifted my 6 months of paid time over here, and I plan on putting it to very good use. I also figured I'd make it clear for everyone on my flist who crossposts; if there's a post on DW, that's where I'm commenting/interacting. It's just easier for me, since I read my DW list first and go through it first nowadays.

Sherlock was amazing, my gosh. I'm sure everyone who's seen it knows, and to everyone who hasn't...why haven't you? It's one of the best, smartest shows out there!
Now I have to wait to find a copy I can cap...:D

Also, forwarding this on, since [personal profile] donna_c_punk posted it on hers. A Study in Motherfucking Scarlet. Because it's a hilarious reworking of the first book.
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Because I finally saw Sherlock! (The movie, not the show. No, my show download is still at half-way point, and, apparently tonight's ffa at [ profile] ontdspn_party is very echoy because everyone's busy watching it) We went and saw it and Mission Impossible again today. There's nothing quite like spending six hours at the theater.

spoilers for Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows )

And, next up, Sherlock(the tv show)! Me and the brother are going to try to watch it together. As if we haven't watched enough already together today, LOL!


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