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A meme!

Snagged from [ profile] twisting_vine_x :D

First TV show I had self-insertion fantasies about:
Stargate, of course. Hell, I like to think I'm well on my way to my goal of actually getting to visit Cheyenne Mountain. :P

First fandom in which I interacted (online and in person) with other fans:
Stargate Atlantis/SG1. Ah, Gateworld. Fond(ish) memories.

Pairing in the first slash fanfiction I read:
LOL. Slash. The first slash fic I read was, like, a year ago, in SPN fandom. I'm sure it was Dean/Cas. My first het fic was John/Teyla, which happened way before I got into fandom. Those were the days when was king.

First RPS/RPF I read:
Merlin RPF: Bradley/Angel

First fanfiction I read that made me think, 'YES, this is exactly the kind of fanfiction I'd like to write...':
Oh, gosh, I don't even remember. I don't know if I ever thought that. Though, I think, Castles in the Sky from SGA fandom probably takes the cake. It's one of the few fics I read during those early years that's stuck with me. I don't even know if it was as good as I remember, but to me, it was everything perfect(even if it was gen).

Pairing in the first fanfiction I wrote:
John/Teyla, naturally. They were my gateway(hehehe) drug.

First OTP:
Sam/Jack. They were my OTP before I even knew what an OTP even was. All I knew was that after The Broca Divide, I really wanted them to live happily ever after.

First RPS/F OTP:
Bradley/Angel. Or, Bradley/Hussy. :P Oh, how I wish we still got video diaries.

First fannish friend I met in person:
Still waiting on this one. *sigh* Who knows who it'll be? If I get to go to a con next year, maybe I'll have something to fill in here. :P

First character I formally roleplayed:
Well, not actual in-person RP, but I did do twitter RP for a while in Sanctuary; I did Sally the mermaid and Kate Freelander.

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