majorshipper: (♏ characters welcome)
a girl who knew how to be happy even when sad ([personal profile] majorshipper) wrote2012-02-28 10:11 pm

White Collar

Well, I am impressed, show. That was an amazing finale. Seriously. You always managed to pull these amazing endings out and I'm pretty blown away.

You knew they were building up to something with how heavily it was stressed that Neal doesn't do well when boxed in, that he will run if he has no way out(to his sight). I love how by the end, you feel like you're caught up in everyone's stories. You have to know who was fooling who, what was the plan, why, etc.
It's awesome. Maybe not as incredible as the last season finale (seriously, nothing tops that), but, wow. Talk about one hell of an ending. I thought maybe we'd get a cliffie as to weather or not he gets his commutation, but boy was I wrong. And this was so much better/worse.
Now I can't wait for the next season and hopefully some answers!

And maybe a little bit of indulging my good-guy-goes-bad(or at least less than good) fetish.

What about you guys? Thoughts?

Sorry for the double-posting tonight, guys. I honestly didn't anticipate WC being this awesome. Now I need to go get some icons...

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