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reposting this here because I don't know if I should post it to [profile] junerayne but I still want it backed up somewhere.
originally posted at [profile] erasureathon

Title: the fall
Original text(s) erased: Once in a Lifetime
Erased by: [profile] sgmajorshipper
Original text by: [personal profile] switchbladesis
Fandom (of original text): Supernatural
Fandom (of erasure): Supernatural
Notes: This is my first erasure, so I hope I did the awesomeness of the genre justice. It's short, but hopefully gets the point across. I only took the first portion of the original fic and erased it, because that's what felt right. The headings are my own additions, but that's just to differentiate between the two sections.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. )
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GISHWHES is official over. And I think I can safely say; Damn, that was intense. But also fun and also amazing. It didn't go according to anyone's plan, but it was a wild ride. I can't wait for next year!

As a bonus; who follows Misha and saw the tweet about the runaway Christmas tree? GISHWHES sorta indirectly-ish made the news! Any of my flist-ers teams try that one? How did it go?
I also wonder if the youtube video of them doing it counts, or if Misha's gonna be mean this time?

ETA: Wow, for those who don't have paid accounts, are the ads always Mine expired last night, but I've managed to threaten/coerce/beg people into renewing it in the past, so it's been a while since I was without. Also omg, my icons, they are gone *dies*
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Eleven hours left.

I've done all the things I claimed right off the bat, now I'm gonna go in and see if there's anything I can complete in the next few hours. *bites nails*
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Guys, we've got ~75 hours 'till GISHWHES is over. I can't believe it. (You can watch the countdown anxiously over here)

In other news, we're home, hopefully for a long while now. Thanks to everyone for the support <3

Now I have websites to go build...
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So, I did my first big bang this year. I kinda stepped in slowly, doing JUST artwork, but omg, it was amazing. I'm totally doing this again!

Anyways! Today's the official reveal day, and the site's officially up! Go, go, go, check it out!

HERE is the website, here's my artwork for an Amy/Rory story that unfortunately hasn't been finished, and here's the awesome Sam/Jack(SG-1) story I beta'd!

*spins* It's all very exciting! Even if it means pretty much all my free time is now gonna go into reading these awesomely massive epics...
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Yeah, I signed up for it. I don't know what's wrong with me, aside from the obvious. Wasn't I just whining about not having time? *headdesks*

Anyways! I requested some SPN, White Collar, Stargate(SG1 and SGA), Bones, and Sanctuary, which you're so inclined, you can see here.
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*cough I suck at casting cough* Anyway...this is for the Create your own Sci-fi Show challenge over at [ profile] scifiland . Even those of you on my flist who don't watch Stargate might like it...I dunno. It is a scifi show!
I was going to use my old Stargate: Universes(Yes, that was the name. Hush) idea, but since Universe came out last year, now it looks like I copied Universe, so I can't use it. Meh.
I think this was born of too little sleep and too much Doctor Who. Stargate fans, please don't kill me.

Stargate: Timelines

In 2011, SG-17 walked across the event horizon of an off-world Stargate, and disappeared. The whole team was declared missing in action, and eventually forgotten under the weight of growing threats and new enemies. Fast-forward to 2030, when the Stargate program has been declassified and Earth is now a major player in the galaxy. Technology has advanced enormously, due in great part to the knowledge of the Asguard. Cue the Stargate activating and SG-17 arriving, nearly twenty years after their time. Realizing where and when they are, they try to puzzle out a way home, with the help of the Guardians; people who travel though time using the Stargate and attempt to set timelines straight.
But this world is not the one they left, and there are many people who don’t want SG-17 going anywhere; the corrupt government that wants them to stay, because now their field experience is required to train the next generation of personnel; and the Protectors who forbid tampering with time. Even the Guardians don’t have pure intentions. In a world where everything is a fight to survive, how will they ever make it home?

Starring Freema Agyeman, Phillip Winchester, Rupert Young, Agam Darshi, and Michelle Ryans )


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