Mar. 19th, 2012


Mar. 19th, 2012 12:39 pm
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I'm thinking about making Spotify playlists to go with the zips of my fanmixes. I just don't know how many people actually use Spotify. I guess it wouldn't hurt?

Which isn't to say I'm making another fanmix, I'm not, honest, because that takes time and I obviously don't have any of that...*facepalm*

In other news, I went out and got three different hair colors: a blonde, an auburn/reddish brown, and a soft black. We shall see which looks best. I'm gonna try the blonde one when I get home this afternoon.

Supernatural has (naturally) made it to the second-to-last round over in E!Online's Ultimate Fan Battle, if anyone cares to vote. We're up against Disney.

Okay, so I was rewatching the sneak-peak, and something about it bugged me: Lucifer, to be exact. Remember in episode two how he tried to get Sam to off himself? Remember how he said he wasn't giving up or going anywhere?
So, why does he suddenly seem so sad that Sam's given up? He's mocking him, obviously, but he does sound at least a tiny bit genuine when he says Sam's talk of death is depressing him. So I can't help but wonder if Hallucifer has developed some kind of survival desire? Which would make things doubly twisty, because he's just a subconscious manifestation of Sam's Hell-memories. Also, why wouldn't Hallucifer want Sam to die? Does he think Sam will get into heaven(I think so, but it's more what Sam thinks)? Does he just consider all things Sam-related a game, and if Sam gives up it's no fun anymore?

To be honest, I think what we see of Sam in the preview is pretty bad. Self-harm or not(I can see either situation, but IDK if show would go there considering it's fanbase is young women and they can't really show Sam engaging in self-harm AND saying it's a bad thing you shouldn't do). I think just the fact that Sam, the unrelenting never-give-up Winchester is finally too tired says a lot about his mental state and how it's changed over the past few years(and in S7 most dramatically). I'm usually quite the Dean!girl, as you all know, but I actually identify a lot with Sam's drive and personality(idk how much of it has to do with being raised as the youngest in a family-is-everything enviroment). So it's really interesting to watch him break down and come apart like this. I can't wait for the episode to air so we can analyze what's going on in his head.

TBH, I'm looking forward to that as much as I am Cas' return.
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Firstly, let me get this out of the way: I haven't read the books. I've considered it, and I do want to, in the same way I would like to read A Song Of Fire And Ice. I probably will, at some point when I'm less invested in fandom and have more time. Maybe over the summer or something.
That being said, I'm really, really looking forward to the movie. It looks awesome. I adore dysotopia and I like the social aspect. The historian/anthropologist in my likes to see if there are actual thought-out ways that we could return to out-and-out gladiatorial spectacles.
Also, kids being badass and people shooting bows is usually enough for me anyways.

This vid has been getting me ridic excited. I only wish there was some way to see the midnight showing and then not have to miss SPN. I'm trying to not think about the fact that I'll have to wait 'till Sunday to actually go see it.
(The vid has bits and pieces from trailers and clips: the maker says it's spoilery, but if you know the basic background of the movie and have seen all the trailers like me, you're fine)


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